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OMG! Another SL Blogger!!

Yes it’s true, another Second Life blogger! I know right! That is what I am trying to become at least! You will just have to join me on my journey and I’m sure you will learn to love me in spite of it! LOL!

Shall I start by saying hello?! Hello. I am Kc in the world of Second Life (Kc0312 is my legacy name), I just hate not having a last name though! I actually started SL back in 2008 and had an avi with a last name. I had my first second life avi for six years, love her still. I grew so much with her by learning my way around the second life grid, making her my virtual world version of myself. Shopping, partying, meeting new people, and even having a couple of jobs. It was wonderful! I know you may sense a but then happening and you’re right of course. I know everyone who has a second life has had a “but then” time to affect their second life. Mine was meeting and falling in love (who would have known..haha) but also some real life issues came along and so I stopped my first second life. You will have to continue on this journey to learn more about those things and I hope that you will. It will be worth the trip!!!

So to continue on with my introduction …. two years ago I decided to rejoin second life and I thought it was best to start with a new avi. By this time the powers that be of second life had decided no more last names, hence Kc0312. I am hoping that the last names will return, there is a rumor going around that they are! But anyway, I made a conscious thought to live more out of my comfort zone as Kc and do all the things I never did with my first avi. So far I have been achieving those efforts. I’ve joined some wonderful SL groups inworld and on Facebook, meeting some very interesting people and experiencing some things I had not in my previous life (smiles). I’ve started taking photographs of my SL life, which I am so surprised of how much I love, and in doing so I also joined Flickr! So next is the blogging! I had first considered vlogging had even started looking into it really enthusiastically, but, I think blogging is something that for now is closer to my heart. I love to write and so it’s only natural that I blog. I’m sure I will eventually move into vlogging but for now …. here I am blog world!

I am loving this possibility of sharing my second life on a blogging format and to see where it takes me. What new experiences and people it will bring my way. I hope for bigger and brighter things! I plan to blog about my everyday SL, whatever happens. I don’t plan on this just being about fashion, there is so much more to SL than that, don’t you agree?!

Thank you! I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smiles). Until the next time …. be safe, happy and full of Second Life!

My Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kc_0312/