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Essential needs for SL?

Hello my awesome second life people. I find myself in a better frame of mind as I write this post. I’m feeling inspirational and looking forward to this being a much better month than the previous one!

I’ve been thinking about my SL and how I want to live it more. I love second life and can not see myself not being involved in it at all. This did happen to me last week for 9 days and it was pure hell! I don’t know, am I crazy for feeling that way? Is something wrong with me in that I have a need for my SL life also? Well I don’t care how it looks I am a SLifer for life!

Realizing this made me think of my essential needs for SL. I do have some of those needs met and this causes me that much more happiness (smiles). I have wonderful friends, I am apart of the wider community of SL, and I have had emotional connections with a since of security. But I must say my purpose of being a woman in the SL community is continually met when I can shop at all hours of the day at any minute! That meaning and purpose is non stop (smiles)! But that’s all in fun!

I love most of all when I get to hang out and connect and get security that only certain people can share with me, my second life becomes the purpose and meaning that I need. I rarely get to see Jahiem and I love the moments we get because he always makes me get out of my home land and explore. But I digress: please see that D2T Designs has a new fabulous June VIP gift available for pickup, it is a male/female summer tank top for the following sizes:

  • Men: Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Classic Mesh5, Exmachina Davide, Nardcotix David, Signature (Gianni/Geralt), TMP, and Slink
  • Women: Belleza (Freya/Isis/Venus), Slink (Hourglass/Physique), TMP, Maitreya, Tonic (Curvy/Fine), and Classic Mesh5

Well I thank you and I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smiles). Until the next time …. be safe, happy and full of Second Life!

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