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My Window

My window opens to bright fluffy cloud filled skies. My window only allows bright sunny rays of sunshine. I open my window to you my fellow beings. I see you. Do you see me? I don’t know…I’m rambling (smiles)! It’s easy for me to get swept away but this photo brings that out of me.

Welcome to my post, I present Alchemist Apothecary’s Chocolate Ice Pallet. It is a complete make-up pack with four shades of glossy eyeshadows, two bold eyeliners, and six luscious lip colors all in a hud option that is for Genus and also a BoM applier. You can find Chocolate Ice Pallet at Alchemist by taking a ride in the taxi I have provided for you below. I wish to you to have an inspiring day!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smile). Until the next time….stay safe, happy and full of Second Life!

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