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still & waiting

“Chil’ be still! It will come to you” ~ My Grandmother

Yes Grandmother (she was right), although saying this to me as a young girl she didn’t mean love she meant little things like for instance as we sat outside on a hot day “Chil’ be still…a breeze will come to you” (smiles). But of course it is for all those meaningful things in our lives what will come will come, what will be so shall it be. So…I’m still & waiting….

My lovely readers welcome to my post in which I present to you an exclusive release of  ♔Enigma Apparel♔ for XXX Event ~ Melinda Set which is hud driven with 5 bold, sexy colors for the harness straps and the included heels. Melinda is ready to wear for those last minute or unexpected intimate indulgent moments. The XXX Event began October 15th and will run until November 3rd, please drop by and pick your Melinda Set up, your taxi waits below!

Well I hope that you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smile). Until the next time….stay safe, happy and full of Second Life!

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Hair: Lamb. Glow – Variety Pack

Attributes: —PUMEC -/Mesh Ears\ – Bohemian

Cosmetics: BT:Lipstick Appliers & pr!tty – My Liners

Location: Backdrop City

Main Store Location: Market Place Page: