Moon, Stars, and Sun

Hello, Kc again. I hope that since my last post your moon, stars, and sun were all in the right place for your SL happiness. Mine were perfectly aligned. As you all may recall I just recently started blogging. I am still researching and trying to learn all that I can but I thought maybe I’d go ahead and try to become a fashion blogger for a designer. Surprise! I am officially an Angel blogger for La Bella Boutique.

I wasn’t even going to apply but I thought hey your familiar with this designer, you love her products so why not give it a try. What’s it gonna hurt?! So here I am! I was accepted!

So for my first fashion blog I have to tell you all about the wonderful {LBB} Cheshire Cat nail appliers she has. These lovely nails are right now at the Twe12ve Event that runs from the 12 until the end of the month. The Hud includes an applier for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega. So run and go get them! Your gonna love em! Located at the end of this post you will see a pic of those lovely nails along with a link to my Flickr that gives you links to La Bella Boutique inworld store and MP page. You will also see a taxi to the Twe12ve Event. Take a ride on over enjoy and have a wonderful time!

Thank you! I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smiles). Until the next time …. be safe, happy and full of Second Life!

I sleep like this!

Hello again. I know it’s been awhile since my last blog but, you know, I’m sure that RL can and always does come first (smiles).

That being said, I am also still trying to learn as much as I can about blogging. I have and do follow some other bloggers who have suggested to just jump right in. But, I have to admit I am not one of those people to be able to do that. I am a cautious person and I have always liked to research and find out all the information I can when I take on something new in life, real and second. Before I even joined the Second Life community I did some research on it. I watched a ton of YouTube videos and googled the creators and everything I could about it. I want to present my best foot of course with my try at blogging! I know and realize I may not start off well or even right and that along the way I may find some other platforms that may work better for me but until that happens I just want to do the best of my ability. So I am doing a little jump by still learning along the way and I have heard that that will always be so.

Well anyway… I hope that the past couple of weeks have found happiness in your lives (smiles)! I’ve had plenty for myself.  Planning a trip soon out of the country for the first time and I am so looking forward to that! I have had some wonderful times with some very interesting people in both my lives. It’s all good right now for me!

Most interesting to me just off the top of my head was being asked if I change my avatars clothes everyday. I thought wow, have never wondered this about other people in the SL community, I do it so I thought for sure everyone else does too (at the least the women .. hehehe).  I have to say I was surprised by what some said.  A few people say they don’t change for weeks!  This is mind blowing to me, I change everyday, it’s very rare that I even wear the same thing twice (how cool to say that, wish that it were so in my RL!).  Hell, I will sometimes put pajamas on my avi before I log off! Now I admit that’s pretty funny and maybe a little weird, but it’s true.  What’s the point of having the pajamas in my inventory if I don’t wear them at all.  Hmmpff! It’s my prerogative! Hehe! Anyway, I thought that would be part of what I talk about in this second post of my blog.  Changing your avatars clothing.  I mean it’s so easy especially for female avis to have copious amounts of clothing in their inventory, so why would you go weeks without changing at least one time?!  Now I know for the men it’s a little different.  Their options are not so vast as us ladies even though there are more and more designers creating more things for them and I have to say they are looking really good.  Boy have I seen some sexy male avis ( that just seems so crazy to say but it’s so true).  So it’s really no reason why they would not also change at least a couple times a week.  I don’t know maybe it’s me and that Second Life is the virtual companion to my Real Life.  I change clothes everyday for RL why not for SL!

Well it is as everyone and the creators of SL have said, live your Second Life as you want.  Look how you want.  Do how you want.  Be what you want.  Isn’t that the appeal of being part of the Second Life community?  It is for me.  Thank you! I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smiles).  Until the next time …. be safe, happy and full of Second Life!

I Sleep like this…

OMG! Another SL Blogger!!

Yes it’s true, another Second Life blogger! I know right! That is what I am trying to become at least! You will just have to join me on my journey and I’m sure you will learn to love me in spite of it! LOL!

Shall I start by saying hello?! Hello. I am Kc in the world of Second Life (Kc0312 is my legacy name), I just hate not having a last name though! I actually started SL back in 2008 and had an avi with a last name. I had my first second life avi for six years, love her still. I grew so much with her by learning my way around the second life grid, making her my virtual world version of myself. Shopping, partying, meeting new people, and even having a couple of jobs. It was wonderful! I know you may sense a but then happening and you’re right of course. I know everyone who has a second life has had a “but then” time to affect their second life. Mine was meeting and falling in love (who would have known..haha) but also some real life issues came along and so I stopped my first second life. You will have to continue on this journey to learn more about those things and I hope that you will. It will be worth the trip!!!

So to continue on with my introduction …. two years ago I decided to rejoin second life and I thought it was best to start with a new avi. By this time the powers that be of second life had decided no more last names, hence Kc0312. I am hoping that the last names will return, there is a rumor going around that they are! But anyway, I made a conscious thought to live more out of my comfort zone as Kc and do all the things I never did with my first avi. So far I have been achieving those efforts. I’ve joined some wonderful SL groups inworld and on Facebook, meeting some very interesting people and experiencing some things I had not in my previous life (smiles). I’ve started taking photographs of my SL life, which I am so surprised of how much I love, and in doing so I also joined Flickr! So next is the blogging! I had first considered vlogging had even started looking into it really enthusiastically, but, I think blogging is something that for now is closer to my heart. I love to write and so it’s only natural that I blog. I’m sure I will eventually move into vlogging but for now …. here I am blog world!

I am loving this possibility of sharing my second life on a blogging format and to see where it takes me. What new experiences and people it will bring my way. I hope for bigger and brighter things! I plan to blog about my everyday SL, whatever happens. I don’t plan on this just being about fashion, there is so much more to SL than that, don’t you agree?!

Thank you! I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smiles). Until the next time …. be safe, happy and full of Second Life!


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