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a Cultural Experience

Welcome my beautiful second life people to my post. I have decided to have the experience of my life time with a taste of India. With it’s beautiful colors and strong spiritual influences I am sure to be completely satisfied. So I made a stop at Tlalli! The Fair Around the World! It is an awesome sim full of everything representing India’s fabulous culture.
With that being said I have for you MI.CO’s Yuva, an exclusive design @ Tlalli! Yuva is an India inspired 3-piece outfit of a headscarf, blouse and leggings. There are 2 full packs both contain the complete Yuva set with a difference of huds: Pack 1 has a hud of printed patterns and Pack 2 a hud of solid colors. So I hope that you will take the taxi I have provided for you below to attend the Tlalli! Fair and immerse yourself in the wonderful culture that is India!
Well,  I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of my world and that you will return for more pieces (smile). Until the next time….stay safe, happy, and full of Second Life!

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